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Disposable Plastic Razors vs Reusable Metal Safety Razors

Disposable Plastic Razors vs Reusable Metal Safety Razors
What's the difference between disposable plastic razors and reusable metal safety razors?

🌱 Disposable razors are very hard to recycle due to parts made of many different materials. Metal razors are 100% metal.

🌱Multiblade disposable cartridges are easier to use but could cause skin irritation. Single blade metal razors are sharper & long-lasting but require practice to get familiar.

🌱Disposable razors have to be replaced frequently & drives up cost in the long run.

🌱Disposable razors are easier to travel with. Blades must be removed from metal safety razors as most airlines do not allow blades in your carry on bag.

🌱Disposable razors brands tend to gender razors & price them differently for different genders. Metal razors exists happily as they are.

Metal razors may seem scary but think old-timey barbers. They always get a great shave & cut with a single blade. The environmental impact is also much better when a product can be reused for longer.

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