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If not plastic straws, then what? Plastic straw alternatives.

If not plastic straws, then what? Plastic straw alternatives.
We are firm supporters of the #taknakstraw movement by @mytaknak.

Sure, plastic straws aren't the only pollutant and turtles aren't the only animals affected. But if we can do away with this one element of plastic use, it can encourage further steps to remove other types of unnecessary plastic use in our daily lives.

We also understand that some people still need straws for their day-to-day use. We see you, we hear you. As such, we offer 4 alternatives to the plastic straw:

🥤Sugarcane straws: These compostable straws are made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp (bagasse), a by-product of the sugar refining industry. Perfect for cafes/restaurants/F&B alternative for single use straws. By

🥤Bamboo straws: These lightweight reusable straws are made of rapidly growing bamboo. They are sturdy, natural and compostable!

🥤Metal straws: Made with high quality stainless steel, they are super durable so won’t break or bend, plus they are non-toxic, stain-free, rust proof, scratch proof and 100% recyclable. Also they would not absorb any food smells and colours, making them easy to clean.

🥤Glass straws: They are made from a durable material called borosilicate, making them highly resistant to instant breakage. Unlike plastic, glass straws can be used in hot drinks.

Select one suitable to your need!

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