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Aleppo Soap (Ghar Soap) 180g - 200g

RM 32.00
Aleppo Soap (Ghar Soap) 180g - 200g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

🧼 Descriptions: 

1. Ingredients : EV Olive Oil, Laurel Oil, Water and Lye, made in Aleppo, Syria.

2. Weight : 180-200gm

🧼 Features:

1. Natural and Gentle to Skin:  Natural handmade cold process soap, without additive of paraben, SLS, preservative, artificial colouring.

2. Suitable for all: From head to toes and suitable for any type of skin and pregnant mother. 

3. Unscented. 

🧼How to use?

- Wet & lather with soap net / bath pouch, provides gentle exfoliation.

- Let to dry between uses.

- Each soap lasts about 2 months or more, depending on the usage. 

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