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Soapan Santun Multipurpose Soap 130g +/- (Eco-Friendly)

RM 3.70
Soapan Santun Multipurpose Soap 130g +/- (Eco-Friendly) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Please Note: 

  1. This soap is NOT Muslim-friendly. 
  2. This is ONLY for cleaning and NOT for the body.

Pair with Cotton-Ramie Soap NetLoofah or 

Compressed Loofah Sponge Pad for best use!

Product Summary: 

Use this Dishwashing/Multipurpose Soap to wash dishes, scrub your car porch, clean the cooker hood, wash off tough stains on clothes, wipe the stovetop… you name it! This Dishwashing Soap is made with used cooking oil and a generous amount of coconut oil for the extra bubble boost! Most importantly, this homemade soap is easy on the hands and does not dry out your hands as commercial detergents would. Eco-friendly and comes in a naked bar and paper-only packaging.

More Info: 

What is it Made of? 

This Dishwashing Soap is made with used cooking oil, coconut oil, lye, and water! Four simple ingredients with no complicated or harmful additives or chemicals! Suitable for those who have dry hands from using commercial detergent and those who have hand eczema. 

  • Coconut Oil to Make it Bubbly! The generous amount of coconut oil in the soap gives this soap a rich and beautiful lather, which makes cleaning fun and effortless. Most importantly, it is environmental-friendly and leaves no harmful residue on your dishes!
  • Eco-Friendly We save used cooking oils from getting poured down the drain or being discarded away irresponsibly. When you purchase these bars, you are also preventing precious oils from getting poured down the sink or thrown away into landfills!
  • Is This a Gift? Let us know if this is a gift for your friend! Leave us your message and we will write them down on a card and send the handwritten wishes/notes to your loved ones! 

How to Care for Your Soap? 

  1. To help the soap lasts longer, store it in a cool, dry area till ready to use. 
  2. To make the soap lasts longer, use a Soap Net or a drain dish to hold your soap every time after cleaning. Keep it dry between uses.

Packaging: All our soaps will come in paper packaging. 

Product Weight: Please allow a 5g difference in weight. 

Ingredients: Used Cooking Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide

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